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MyGem® App — Manage Your Health Anywhere Anytime

My Gem® App

Digital healthcare at your fingertips

​We know how hard it can be to have diabetes. My Gem® App, an all-in-one interactive digital health management platform, is the result of our relentless attempt at making your life easier with diabetes.


Designed for those living the modern busy lifestyle, My Gem® App not only gives you an easy-to-read panorama of your current condition and health risks, it lets you interact with a healthcare professionals, participate in online education courses and take full ownership of your health at the touch of your fingertips. In short, our app gives you on-demand personalized support for your condition, without any of the hassles.

Comprehensive personalized report

Customized and workable healthcare plan

One-stop care

Interact with healthcare professionals

Guidance and actionable goals

Eliminate unnecessary healthcare expenses

Transform health management to a convenient online platform


Embark on your journey of transformation

  • Personalized advice developed by professional healthcare team

  • Actionable personal goals and targets

  • Online consultation with doctor/nurse/dietitian/physical trainer

  • No boundaries

  • No limits

  • Convenience 

  • Send alert notifications for unusual record to user and healthcare team

  • Auto-reminders on missed health metrics entry

  • Upcoming events reminders 

  • Animated courses for education and diabetes care 

  • Online cooking courses

  • Online exercise courses

Personalized Advice and Goals

1-on-1 Online Consultation with Healthcare Personnel 

Health Warnings and Reminders

Online Education

  • Scheduled online workshop 

  • Various themes on rotation (e.g. self-management, cooking class, exercise lesson etc)

  • Monthly topic of interest

  • Subject matter experts as speakers (e.g., doctor/nurse/dietitian/physical trainer)

  • Live Q&A

  • Encourage user to input health data via App

  • Healthcare personnel monitor all health records

  • Manage clinic events and appointments 

  • Sign up for activities 





Tobby's Story

"My Gem®  App helps navigate my life with diabetes."
MyGem App count 1.gif

This story is inspired by our users' experiences and feedbacks and is presented here as illustration. Since each patient is unique, our services should not be seen in any way as guaranteeing outcomes.

I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. All I knew then was to take medications and visit the doctor regularly. Determined to manage diabetes in a way that lets me live the best life I deserve, I enrolled in a diabetes management programme.

My Gem® App made it extremely easy to get started with the programme as it only required a couple of clicks on my mobile phone. The thing I love most about My Gem® App is that all services are personalized, backed by science and free of speculations. It gives me a safe portal to keep track of my medical needs and examine my health record online. 

It also gives me practical, easy-to-understand information on diabetes care and helps me track the activities I need to do to stay healthy. I’m excited about taking the online classes and learning from health coaches. I get notified when my readings are off and when I’ve forgotten to update my health data. It also makes it easier to communicate with my doctor and nurse as I don’t have to search for my logbook when they ask about my readings.

I feel empowered to care for myself and My Gem® App is my go-to digital health assistant for achieving this objective.

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