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DForesee® — Early Diabetes Prevention

Do you know?

Traditional Glucose Test Cannot Effectively Prevent Diabetes

Public generally uses glucose test to know their risk of developing diabetes. However, glucose level cannot reflect the immediate body function status. Even if the glucose level only rises slightly within the range, body function has gradually declined unconsciously. If you wait until the body is no longer able to maintain blood glucose at normal level and appears warning signal, it is already too late. Diabetes is most likely developed already. Therefore, glucose test is not reliable for diabetes prevention.

Diabetes and Heredity

Type 2 diabetes results from both genetic and acquired variable risk factors. If an individual naturally has multiple high-risk genes related to diabetes and is also affected by adverse environmental factors (e.g. obese and smoking, etc.), these factors will increase the overall risk of developing diabetes. On the contrary, if one has a limited number of high-risk genes and concerns healthy lifestyle, this individual has a relatively lower chance of developing diabetes. Although genes are irreversible, variable risk factors can be changed to reduce the diabetes risk. Therefore, the earlier you know about your genetic risk and physical conditions, the better you can prevent yourself from developing diabetes.


It’s better to foresee than to lament

DForesee® is an innovative risk assessment tool using the licensed technologies and databases from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and Aisa Diabetes Foundation (ADF). By combining your unique genetic makeup and variable risk factors (such as body weight), your risk of developing chronic diseases can be precisely evaluated, which is way earlier than traditional glucose test.

It reads into your genes and tells you the likelihood of developing diabetes – not something conventional screening tests can deduce. The results may provide a guide to your professional medical team in designing a personal healthcare plan and guidelines to help you – and you only – to lower the risk of getting diabetes effectively.

This is the best assessment to have for both health-conscious individuals as well as those at risk of diabetes.

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Target Groups

People with the following conditions: 


Family History of Diabetes




Fatty Liver




GDM or Given Birth to Infants Weighing >= 4kg


Stressful & Sedentary Lifestyle


Hypertension or 

High Blood Lipids


Middle-aged Person 


History of Heart Disease or Stroke 

Kelvin's Story

"DForesee® gave me a different perspective on diabetes prevention."
DForesee count 1.gif

This story is inspired by our users' experiences and feedbacks and is presented here as illustration. Since each patient is unique, our services should not be seen in any way as guaranteeing outcomes.

My dad has Type 2 diabetes and I have seen him struggling with the disease for as long as I can remember. With problems with his eyesight, he measures his blood sugar level religiously and goes on all these special diets. Knowing diabetes is a lifelong condition and witnessing how my dad’s life has changed since his diagnosis, I could not help but wonder if I would become like him one day. 

When I accompanied my dad to his regular diabetes check-up with our family doctor, I came across DForesee®, a genetic test for diabetes prevention. I told our doctor about my concerns and he recommended that I get this test to find out my risk of developing diabetes. 

My test result came back in 2 weeks. While my genetic score is on the high end of the spectrum, I was told that I only have a moderate overall risk of developing diabetes and that maintaining a healthy weight and an active lifestyle would help lower my risk further.

Having “bad genes” in my DNA doesn’t mean I am condemned to developing diabetes. DForesee® addressed my desire to learn more about diabetes genetic risk and helped me understand my body better. More importantly, it supported the development of a personalised healthcare plan tailored to further reduce my risk of developing the disease. I no longer feel overwhelmed when I think about it.

The Prevention Goes a Long Way

Genetic test results are lifelong but acquired risk factors are variable. GemVCare care for your needs comprehensively. Simply update us your acquired risk factors readings (such as body weight) at desired intervals and we’ll give you the peace of mind you strive for. We offer flexible diabetes reassessment options as well as easy upgrades from DForesee® to DProtect® when your conditions change. We make sure you always have the peace of mind.

Please click here to understand more about how it works! 

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