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他汀 · 安心測 | Statin Safe


Identify Risk of Adverse Reactions of Statins

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他汀 · 安心測 — 識別膽固醇藥副作用風險

Statin Safe — Identify Risk of Adverse Reactions of Statins


Safely Medicate with Statins

他汀 · 安心測會為您測試兩個主要影響藥物代謝的特定基因 —SLCO1B1及 ABCG2的變異。分析服用他汀類藥物時發生不良反應的風險。醫生能夠根據您的基因型及其他風險因素作為用藥參考,為患者落實精準的藥物治療方案,減少病人對藥物出現不良反應之餘,能有效地降低膽固醇水平,以達至最佳治療效果。



他汀 · 安心測能夠讓您安全有效地降低膽固醇水平,減低患上心血管疾病的風險,保障您的健康。

STATINSAFE analyse the presence of two variants from the major genes (SLCO1B1 & ABCG2) that affect drug metabolism, helping patients analyse their risk in developing adverse reactions when taking statins. Through your genotype together with a list of related risk factors, doctors are able to identify the most precise treatment strategy for their patients to optimise treatment outcome - reduce adverse reactions and effectively lower the cholesterol level at the same time.

Studies Showing the Prevalent use of genetic testing as a medication guideline:

● The number of patients willing to start statins increased by 1.5 folds¹
● Speed up the reduction of LDL-cholesterol in the first 3 months¹
● Does not reduce the effects of cardiovascular disease prevention²

StatinSafe helps you manage your cholesterol levels safely and effectively, reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and protect your health.


Do you know?


Common Misconceptions about Side Effects of Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

他汀類藥物是最常見用於降低膽固醇的處方藥物³,可是有不少高膽固醇患者因著網上流傳關於膽固醇藥副作用的非專業甚至錯誤的醫療資訊,對他汀類藥物出現誤解,擔心其副作用而不聽從醫生指示服藥。他汀類藥物的確附帶副作用,但其中最常見的副作用 — 肌肉疼痛對患者身體並無大礙。而重要的是,藥物的作用是控制及避免更嚴重的疾病,若不定時按量服藥,藥物便無法發揮應有作用,不但使患者的膽固醇水平高企不下,更會增加患上嚴重疾病的風險。

Statins are the most commonly prescribed drugs for lowering cholesterol³. However, due to the unprofessional or even wrong medical information about the side effects of cholesterol drugs circulating on the Internet, many patients with high cholesterol have misconceptions about Statins. They are worried about the side effects of Statins and do not follow doctor's medication instructions. Statins do come with side effects, but the most common side effect, muscle pain, is harmless to patients. Most importantly, drugs are used to control and avoid serious diseases. If drugs are not taken regularly and in the right amount, they will not be able to play their due role. Not only will the patient's cholesterol level remain high, but also increase the risk of developing serious diseases.

1.Peyser B, et al. Effects of delivering SLCO1B1 pharmacogenetic information in randomized trial and observational settings. Circ Genom Precis Med. 2018;11:e002228. doi: 10.1161/CIRCGEN.118.002228
2.Vassy JL, Gaziano JM, Green RC, et al. Effect of Pharmacogenetic Testing for Statin Myopathy Risk vs Usual Care on Blood Cholesterol: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Netw Open. 2020 Dec 1;3(12):e2027092. doi: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2020.27092. PMID: 33270123; PMCID: PMC7716196.

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