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基糖測® | DForesee


Early Diabetes Prevention

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基糖測® — 及早預防糖尿病

DForesee® — Early Diabetes Prevention


It’s better to foresee than to lament


它能夠解讀您的糖尿病遺傳基因,闡釋糖尿病風險與您的關係 — 絕非一般檢測可比擬。我們的專業醫療團隊會分析測試結果,為您設計出專屬的個人醫療計劃及指引,助您有效預防糖尿病,減低風險。


DForesee® is an innovative risk assessment tool using the licensed technologies and databases from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and Aisa Diabetes Foundation (ADF). By combining your unique genetic makeup and variable risk factors (such as body weight), your risk of developing chronic diseases can be precisely evaluated, which is way earlier than traditional glucose test.

It reads into your genes and tells you the likelihood of developing diabetes – not something conventional screening tests can deduce. The results may provide a guide to your professional medical team in designing a personal healthcare plan and guidelines to help you – and you only – to lower the risk of getting diabetes effectively.

This is the best assessment to have for both health-conscious individuals as well as those at risk of diabetes.


Do you know?


Traditional Glucose Test Cannot Effectively Prevent Diabetes


Public generally uses glucose test to know their risk of developing diabetes. However, glucose level cannot reflect the immediate body function status. Even if the glucose level only rises slightly within the range, body function has gradually declined unconsciously. If you wait until the body is no longer able to maintain blood glucose at normal level and appears warning signal, it is already too late. Diabetes is most likely developed already. Therefore, glucose test is not reliable for diabetes prevention.



Diabetes and Heredity


Type 2 diabetes results from both genetic and acquired variable risk factors. If an individual naturally has multiple high-risk genes related to diabetes and is also affected by adverse environmental factors (e.g. obese and smoking, etc.), these factors will increase the overall risk of developing diabetes. On the contrary, if one has a limited number of high-risk genes and concerns healthy lifestyle, this individual has a relatively lower chance of developing diabetes. Although genes are irreversible, variable risk factors can be changed to reduce the diabetes risk. Therefore, the earlier you know about your genetic risk and physical conditions, the better you can prevent yourself from developing diabetes.

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