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<SUGAR CRUSH FUN> Personalized Diabetes Management Kit and Points Redemption Scheme

“Diabetes and 3-Highs Alliance” members can purchase the <<SUGAR CRUSH FUN >> personalized diabetes management kit at a special price of HK$300, including: Gochek2 blood glucose meter, lancing device, lancets (100 pcs ), test strips (100 pcs). Members are eligible to earn "1 point for every purchase of HK$2“. 150 points will be awarded upon purchase of the package. In addition, members can redeem blood glucose test strips for free. Limited Time Offer - Act Now While Supplies Last!


Members will receive 5 points for every daily input of blood glucose data via the myGem App**. “Double points reward” worth 250 points will be awarded for 25 days of data entered within 1 month.


Members can use the accumulated points to redeem any of the following rewards, limited to one redemption per promotional period.


100 Points + HK$100= Redeem 50 pcs of test strips (Original Price: HK$200)

150 Points + HK$50= Redeem 50 pcs of test strips

1,000 Points= Redeem 100 pcs for free


For enquiries on the <SUGAR CRUSH FUN> personalized diabetes management kit, please contact GemVCare Customer Service at 2809 2893. Or CLICK HERE to purchase!

Let's register at to become “Diabetes and 3-Highs Alliance” member and enjoy more benefit! 

*Please quote promo code for the purchase of <SUGAR CRUSH FUN> personalized diabetes management kit.

**Registration for the MyGem App is required for the entry of blood glucose data via the mobile App. A maximum of 5 points per day can be awarded for the records of any before and after a meal reading.

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