Making Life with Diabetes Better

By harnessing the power of precise knowledge of genetics and by putting our clients first, we work relentlessly to align our care model with the “precise” picture of your health to empower you to live your best life.

Redefining You 



Kelvin Wong - family history of diabetes

Discover how DForesee® cleared Kelvin’s doubts about the possibility on inheriting diabetes from his dad, and informed on the best care forward in reducing risk of developing the disease.

DForesee® Joy

Grace Ma - getting pregnant at age 35

Learn how DForesee® Joy helps Grace pin down her precise risk of developing gestational diabetes before her pregnancy, inform her exactly what to expect and how best to plan.



Mr. Cheung - 55-year-old diabetes patient

Read how DProtect® helps Mr. Cheung plan his health goals by predicting his risks of potential complications as well as the pharmacological responses under different treatments.

MD35 Panel

Mrs Lam & her son - young diabetes patient

See how MD35 Panel helped Mrs Lam’s boy cleared up a misdiagnosis of Type 1 diabetes, which set him back on the optimized treatment path and completely changed his life.


My Gem® App

Tobby Lee - Type 2 diabetes patient

Explore how My Gem® App helps Tobby manage her Type 2 diabetes intuitively by providing lots of practical, easy-to-digest info and tracking all the things she can or needs to do to stay on top.

These stories are modified from some users’ experiences and feedbacks.

They are only used for illustrations without guarantee of the services meeting the expected outcomes.



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