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About GemVCare

Established in 2014, GemVCare is founded on the idea that our community needs a far better approach to tackle the big and complex epidemic that is diabetes. We believe we’ve found the answer in personalized assessment.


Everyone is different, so is our health. Applying a personalized approach means we can provide more data and information to medical professionals to advise you on making decisions of diabetes prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care based on a precise understanding of your genetic profile.  This is achieved through rigorous assessments of your individual gene and biomarker profile, as well as other drivers and risk factors. This approach could help improve outcomes in diabetes.

Our Story


Our Core Technology

Central to our personlized care model are the genetic markers used to harness the genetic profiles of our clients, as well as the core technology deployed to find these markers.


Our founder is amongst the first researchers in the world to discover diabetes genes specific for Asian people. The discoveries were made over two decades of clinical research and validation for a wide range of genetic discoveries related to diabetes.


Our state-of-the-art technologies used to make the above discoveries possible – namely next generation sequencing, proprietary algorithm and other advanced molecular techniques – have become the backbone of our unique testing capabilities combining IT & biology. GemVCare is glad to be able to adapt these technologies for the use of the wider public through technology transfer from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


The genetic findings born from these technologies, when analyzed together with other health parameters and the big data we have collected over the years, give rise to many meaningful data –  such as the risks of developing diabetes and its complications and other major chronic diseases that could provide valuable information to medical practitioners in making diabetes treatments and management decisions or recommendations. This approach has since become a new strategy recommended by different professional bodies in the prevention and management of diabetes.


*Patented technology means patents and pending applications licensed from the Chinese University of Hong Kong relating to DForesee®, DProtect® and Monogenic Diabetes Panel.


1. Precision Medicine in Diabetes: A Consensus Report from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD). Diabetes Care 2020;43:1617–1635.

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