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Enhance Your Treatment with Pharmacogenetic Testing 

Clopidosafe™  — Enhance Your Treatment with Pharmacogenetic Testing 

Understanding Clopidogrel and Clopidosafe™ 

Clopidogrel is a vital antiplatelet medication that helps prevent blood clots by inhibiting platelets from clumping together, thus reducing the risk of stroke or heart attack. The efficacy of Clopidogrel is significantly influenced by genetic variations, particularly in the CYP2C19 gene1. These variations can affect the metabolic activation of the drug, leading to variations in treatment outcomes2. 

Introducing Clopidosafe™ 

Our pharmacogenetic test, Clopidosafe™, is designed to identify these genetic variants, providing crucial insights into how well your body will respond to Clopidogrel. By understanding your unique genetic makeup, Clopidosafe™ can help ensure that you receive the most effective dosage for optimal health outcomes. 

Potential Consequences of Varied Drug Efficacy 

Without personalized testing, patients may not experience the full benefits of Clopidogrel, potentially leading to an increased risk of cardiovascular events. Clinical trials showed that patients with genotyped-guided P2Y12 inhibitor therapy after percutaneous coronary intervention had lower ischemic events compared to conventional therapy and similar net adverse clinical outcomes but decreased risk of major or minor bleeding compared with prasugrel or tricagrelor treatment3,4. Clopidosafe™ aims to mitigate this risk by tailoring your treatment plan to your genetic profile.  


Genetic-guided therapy resulted in a statistically significant 40% reduction in cumulative ischemic events compared with conventional clopidogrel therapy.

Interpreting Your Clopidosafe™ Results 

Understanding your Clopidosafe™ test results is key to optimizing your treatment with Clopidogrel. Here’s a breakdown of what the results mean: 


Next Steps 

Discuss your results with your healthcare provider to determine the best course of action. Your provider may suggest further tests, a modified treatment plan, or additional preventive measures based on your genetic profile and other factors associated with high on-treatment residual platelet aggregation. 

Why Choose Clopidosafe™? 

Customized treatment strategies based on your DNA
Personalized Medicine
 Maximize the benefits of your medication
Enhanced Efficacy
 Empower your decisions with
genetic knowledge 
Informed Healthcare

Complete Your Journey with GemVCare

How it works

Specimens will be sent to our testing center for analysis and the test will be completed within 14 working days.
Collect specimens at designated centers

•Oral cell specimen / Blood specimen 

Reports will be explained by your healthcare provider and an appropriate disease management plan will be designed accordingly.  


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