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General Disclaimer

Gemomic® Technology is a university-owned, patented technology* which utilizes genetic tests to identify subjects who may develop diabetes and suffer its resulting complications. GemVCare Limited (referred to herein as “GemVCare”) hereby expressly disclaims any and all liability as follows: Any and all data, information and result including without limitation in connection with the GemVCare services, whether medically based or otherwise, which is provided under the Gemomic® Technology or otherwise (the “Services”) shall be used for reference purpose only. The Gemomic® Technology is not intended in any shape or form to be used, construed, interpreted or applied as a substitute for professional medical care, medical advice, diagnosis, therapeutic or prophylactic which shall be provided by a doctor, physician or other qualified medical/health care professionals. The causes, treatments and consequences of diabetes and its complications are complex and multifactorial. The interactions between bio-genetic markers and other risk factors and treatments require professional interpretation for decision making.


Users of the Gemomic® Technology (including without limitations to users and family members of users), who receive, believe, rely or make decisions regarding their health or medical care based on risk predictions provided by the Gemomic® Technology do so at their own risk.


Users are reminded to seek professional medical care, health management or other types of advice provided by a doctor, medical practitioner, physician, qualified health care professionals or other professionals after receiving results or reports from the Gemomic® Technology and all rights arising thereof and in relation to the Services include without limitation intellectual property shall belong to GemVCare.


Neither the author(s) of the published reports relating to the risk associations of genetic variants and biomarkers and other relevant reports nor GemVCare including without limitations to its shareholders, directors, employees and consultants (if any) are liable or incur any duty of care for any decisions and/or consequences arising from or in relation to the assessment and/or interpretation of the results from the Gemomic® Technology or otherwise.


The provision of Services is governed by terms and conditions contained in a respective separate document which this General Disclaimer forms part of and the respective liability caps described therein shall apply with respect to GemVCare’s liability stipulated in this General Disclaimer. No part of any publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without the prior written permission of GemVCare. In the event of any dispute or discrepancy between the English version and the translation of other languages of this General Disclaimer, the English version shall prevail.

*Patented technology means patents and pending applications licensed from the Chinese University of Hong Kong relating to DForesee® ,DProtect® and Monogenic Diabetes Panel.

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