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Early Type 2 Diabetes Prevention

Why choose DForesee®? 

Authoritative, Comprehensive and Accurate Type 2 Diabetes Assessment 

DForesee is an accurate and trusted testing

The testing technology has been developed and quality-controlled by members of the team that first identified genes associated with diabetes in Asian populations. The university has authorized the use of all relevant patents, each of which has also been clinically verified. The accuracy of genetic testing technology is as high as 99.9%, while the clinical negative prediction rate for of type 2 diabetes in 10 years can reach 95% or above. 

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Type 2 diabetes, like cancer, can be divided into different stages. However, most of the tests currently available lack the capability to identify these stages, leaving such test users unaware of the extent of their condition. With DForesee®, you can ascertain the stage of your type 2 diabetes and receive tailored recommendations. This includes an evaluation of your current risk of developing prediabetes, as well as guidance on whether additional tests or medications are necessary, along with advice on lifestyle adjustments and more. The clearer your understanding of your situation, the more effective your treatment can be. 

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Currently, only pure congenital genetic tests or basic preliminary assessments for acquired factors are available on the market in general. Accounting for both congenital genes and acquired risk factors, DForesee® is designed to provide a more precise and comprehensive evaluation of type 2 diabetes. 

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In addition to helping you today, DForesee® can provide insights into your future. If your current risk for prediabetes is low, the likelihood of developing the disease in the coming years may also be low.  

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DForesee® enables you to gauge your risk of developing diabetes before your blood glucose levels spiral out of control, and symptoms of diabetes become apparent. Therefore, you can receive early warning signals in advance, which wouldn’t happen if you  were relying solely on standard blood glucose tests. 

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Depending on the recommendations associated with your test results, you have the option to update your report for free within 3 years*, so that you and your medical team can better understand your latest health situation and make more informed decisions regarding your well-being. 

*Up to 3 free updates starting from the date of your initial report . We may amend these terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice.

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DForesee® - Helps You Understand Your Personal Condition and Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Early

DForesee® is an innovative risk assessment tool.  By leveraging technology and authorized access to local university databases,  DForesee® analyzes congenital type 2 diabetes genes and acquired modifiable risk factors to predict risk of developing prediabetes, with earlier detection and more accurate prediction than standard blood glucose testing.

In the report of a DForesee®, we will establish a personalised improvement regimen based on your risk level, and evaluate whether you need to receive an oral glucose tolerance test immediately. DForesee® can effectively spot undiagnosed people who are at high risk of type 2 diabetes, help them know their own conditions and prevent diabetes in advance, prevent their conditions from worsening and avoid various complications. Research studies have shown that individuals at high risk of type 2 diabetes can significantly reduce their chances of developing the disease, and even delay its onset, by making lifestyle improvements and initiating early medication. Such effect can can last up to 20 years¹.

Whether you are concerned about your health or are at high risk of type 2 diabetes, DForesee® can help you understand your physical condition; it is by far the best test available for preventing type 2 diabetes. 

In the report

you will find the following results

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Target Groups

People with the following conditions


Family History of Diabetes
Fatty Liver
GDM or Given Birth to Infants Weighing ≥4kg
Hypertension or
High Blood Lipids

History of Heart Disease
or Stroke


Stressful &
Sedentary Lifestyle
Middle-aged Person 

Complete Your Journey with GemVCare

How it works

Specimens will be sent to our testing center for analysis and the test will be completed within 14 working days.
Regular evaluation and report updated shall be carried out as recommended. 
Collect specimens at designated centers

•Need to fast at least 8 hours

•Blood specimen, or 

•Oral cell specimen + finger-prick blood glucose test 

Reports are ready and a personalized health plan is designed based on recommendations. People at high risk should consult their doctor and undergo further tests as recommended. 
"DForesee® gave me a different perspective on diabetes prevention."

My father suffers from Type 2 diabetes. He has been fighting this disease ever since I can remember. Diabetes affects my father’s eyesight, so he must carefully control his blood sugar and diet. I know that diabetes is a lifelong disease. I’ve witnessed how my father’s life turned upside down after he was diagnosed. This makes me worried about whether I will inherit diabetes and follow the same path someday in the future.  

When I accompanied my father to have regular diabetic exams, that was the first time I learned from my family doctor about the DForesee®, which can prevent type 2 diabetes. After I presented my worries to the doctor, he suggested I conduct the test because its analysis combines both innate diabetic genetics and acquired health data and it can assess my risk of developing type 2 diabetes.  

Two weeks later, I received the test results. Although my score of diabetic genetic score is relatively high, my overall risk of developing type 2 diabetes is only moderate. As long as I maintain my body weight and exercise regularly, I can further reduce the relevant risks and my chance of developing type 2 diabetes will be similar to that of the general population.  

Having "bad genes" does not mean that I will develop type 2 diabetes. Working hard can help compensate inherited risk factors. More importantly, the DForesee® report can help forecast my future condition and provide me with personalized health advices. I can also update my report regularly with new health data and adjusted recommendations, which can help prevent type 2 diabetes more effectively. I no longer feel anxious about developing type 2 diabetes - a peace of mind that no other test has ever been able to give me. 

*This story is inspired by our users' experiences and feedbacks and is presented here as illustration. Since each patient is unique, our services should not be seen in any way as guaranteeing outcomes.

   Users's Experience


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