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Delay Onset of Complications

DProtect® — Delay Diabetes Complications

Diabetic Complications can be Worse than the Disease Itself 

Misdiagnosis or poor management of diabetes can lead to acute hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, which can be fatal in severe cases. However, the main culprit in fatal diabetes remains the disease’s various complications which often have no obvious symptoms. If diabetes is not properly controlled and high blood glucose remains for an extended period of time, it will eventually destroy blood vessels - large and small - across the body, as well as the nervous system and other organs. 

Common Complications of Diabetes include: 


Diabetes is a chronic disease that tends to remain silent in its early stages, often going unnoticed. By the time complications occur, it is often too late as the condition may have progressed to an irreversible stage. Early awareness of your health status is paramount, as it allows for timely intervention while potentially delaying the onset of diabetes and mitigating the risk of associated complications. 

Did you know?

Precise Treatment Planning and Disease Management 

DProtect® is designed to meet the needs of diabetic patients. Based on your diabetes’s genetic disposition and various variable risk factors (such as weight, glycated hemoglobin, blood pressure, low-density cholesterol), the test combines technology and information accessed from authorised local university databases to assess your precise risk of diabetes complications. Based on this, our professional medical team will be able to assess the potential severity of your diabetes in future, and design a health plan and guidelines specifically tailored for you, to help you both improve your condition and delay the occurrence of complications. 

If you are a diabetic patient and want to know the risk of related complications to enhance your treatment and management of the disease, DProtect® is your best choice. 

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Target Groups

Diabetes patients with the following conditions

N​o  complications yet
Early stage of cardiovascular or kidney complications
Complications other than cardiovascular or kidney disease
Need personalized healthcare management

Complete Your Journey with GemVCare

How it works

Specimens will be sent to our testing center for analysis and the test will be completed within 14 - 22 working days. 
Regular evaluation and report updated shall be carried out as recommended. 
Collect specimens at designated centers

•Blood specimen, or

•Oral cell specimen  (if HbA1c and LDL Cholesterol values ​​within 3 months can be provided)

Reports will be explained by your healthcare provider and an appropriate disease management plan will be designed accordingly.
    Users's Experience
"DProtect® improved my readings to delay onset of diabetic complications by giving me a clear plan to follow."

I have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes for 3 years and DProtect® helped me cope with the disease. Before that, my readings were poor and I’ve heard about diabetes’ debilitating long-term complications. While I was worried that my condition would get worse as time goes by, I did not know what to do or where to start to control diabetes and tackle this problem. 

Thanks to DProtect®, I now have the right tools to learn not only about my risk of developing complications, but also to predict my individual pharmacological responses to different treatments, improve diabetes by thorough management. DProtect® tells me how likely I’m to develop diabetic complications and which medications are likely to be more effective given my genetic profile and current health metrics.

More importantly, I was advised that I may benefit from having early insulin treatment. I was also given personalized health goals and lifestyle recommendations about what I can do to improve. The report gave me a clear perspective on the big picture and the complex interplay between genetics and other risk factors. The guidelines provided me with a precise road map about what I should do for daily self-care so as to control diabetes. After following these suggestions, my readings improved significantly.

I’m at a much better place now when it comes to complications. DProtect™ gave me the clarity I couldn’t get elsewhere. This type of personalised diabetes treatment solutions is unlike another tests on the market. I now live my life with confidence and stopped obsessing constantly about diabetes.

*This story is inspired by our users' experiences and feedbacks and is presented here as illustration. Since each patient is unique, our services should not be seen in any way as guaranteeing outcomes.

Mr. Cheung
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