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Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS): Easy Way to Manage Blood Glucose


Blood glucose control is very important for people with diabetes as it helps reduce the risk of having diabetes complications. However, the traditional self-monitoring blood glucose method – ‘Finger Prick’ is cumbersome and painful. Many diabetes patients fail to monitor their glucose level persistently due to this reason, which increases the risk of having diabetes complications.

With the advancement of technology, the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) brings good news to diabetes patients! By implanting a thin needle under the skin, CGMS calculate blood glucose level by measuring the glucose in the interstitial fluid of the subcutaneous tissue. You can continuously monitor your blood glucose without pricking your fingers.

GemVCare introduce a CGMS that provides 14-day continuous real-time blood glucose monitoring to all diabetes patients - AiDEX® Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

  • Stay away from finger pricks

  • Waterproof design

  • Accurate monitoring – MARD* value of 9.08%

  • Easy to use with mobile APP

  • Blood glucose level alert & data sharing function 

  • Complied with CE & National Medical Products Administration

* MARD is one of the important indicators to measure the accuracy of CGMS.

The lower the value, the higher the accuracy.


Through the patented technology developed by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, GemVCare’s DProtect® test accurately predict the risk of diabetic complications (click here to know more about DProtect® test). Together with AiDEX® CGMS which monitor your blood glucose at real-time, definitely helps you have great control of your blood glucose and diabetes in an easy and painless way.


For more information, please call 2809 2893 or send WhatsApp message to 6184 2353 to contact GemVCare’s customer service officer.

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AiDEX® CGMS User Guide


3.Implantation Site Selection & Sterilization

5.Transmitter Installation & Pairing

7. Data Sharing

2.APP Installation & Registration

4.Sensor Implantation

6. Blood Glucose Record & Calibration

8. Sensor Replacement


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